“Carrot & cumin” sour

One of my winning cocktails a few years ago!
A marriage of two of my beloved product from the Biercée distillery with carrot, orange, vanilla & lemon.
An adventures gin sour

Strawberry / elderflower

Apereau’s modern version of a sangria

Celery / Lime

This one is for people who look for adventure in flavours: Celery gin, green Chartreuse, lime, apple vinegar & lovage make a great marriage!

lemonverbena / elderflower

The south of France in a glas by making a cocktail of juniper forward Tanqueray gin, elderflower, lemon, lemonverbena and crémant d’Alsace. Add the end we add a small amount of Absint. Delicious but also dangerious!!!

“BlackBerry & Lavender” margarita

A summer version of a margarita with hints of blackberry, lavender & tarragon