White “Bergamot” Negroni

Our mediterranean version of the Negroni.
Blending Tanqueray Ten a citrussy forward gin with hints of camomille with Martini Ambrato super premium vermouth. We also add two new products on the market: Luxardo white bitter & Italicus bergamot liqueur.
Great bitter aperitief with a sweet hint of Bergamot and a herbal finish.

Honey / Hierbas

We created this twist on a Rusty Nail for one of are best friends who past away at the age of 26 two years ago. We used his favorite rum Zacapa 23 and destination local product Hierbas d’Ibiza. Cheers to you Tom!!!

Celery Gin Daisy

This one is for people who look for adventure in flavours: Celery gin, green Chartreuse, lime, apple vinegar & lovage make a great marriage!

lemonverbena / elderflower

The south of France in a glas by making a cocktail of juniper forward Tanqueray gin, elderflower, lemon, lemonverbena and crémant d’Alsace. Add the end we add a small amount of Absint. Delicious but also dangerious!!!

Gin “thai basil” smash

This gin basil twist is Asian inspired.
Using Jinzu gin who has a bit of sake added to it.
Thai basil, kalamansi, lime, coriander and topped up with a foam of cacao & yuzu.